Transfer a product license to someone else

We think license transfer fees depend greatly on the type of copy protection involved. Each company doing things differently it makes it difficult for a user to compare them and evaluate what is fair or not. Here are some points to consider:

*The Plogue binary license file that you acquire when buying any of our products contains your name address, email and phone number... not exactly the kind of stuff that you want to give to other people (in fact that's the point of this protection). So it can't just be resold as is.

*We don't use challenge responses, intrusive 'service' software, or buggy dongle/drivers of any kind which ties your hands to a particular machine. Instead, you can install our products on ANY NUMBER of your OWN systems, mix and match Macs and PCs, wipe them clean, ghost the machines, reinstall, and always use the same key.

Since we don't keep any knowledge on where you installed your license, we can't remotely de-authorize them. So no automatic third party solution to exchange licenses is possible, we have to do it ourselves.

We need to take the time, and deal with both parties involved, generate a key for the new user, and invalidate the previous key only in _subsequent_ software updates.

There are advantage and disadvantages to any form of CP. We are taking calculated financial risks with our method. That why we charge some minimal fee to transfer license which is 20 USD per product.

Once the license has been transferred, it cannot be transferred again. (yes... it happened) It becomes essentially an NFR (Not for Resale) product.

Once a user has transferred their license, they can still purchase another one. But they won't be allowed to transfer that license again.

We are not here to screw off anyone, but if we allow license transfers for free, since we can't prove the old user has uninstalled the version of bidule (or chipsounds) that was still _working_, there no additional sale that gets our way. You tell us how that makes it any different than having an illicit copy of our app.

We think we are being reasonable, considering all the aspects of the trade.

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