16-bit era timbre layering synthesizer

It's loud! It's brash! It's digital! It's the edgy sound of Yamaha's 6-op FM synths, now perfectly emulated by chipsynth OPS7 in a convenient plugin format!

Let it take over your tracks as it took over the airwaves with a storm in 1983. Open the flood gates to a deluge of crisp bass sounds, crystalline bells, soothing electric pianos, and sharp rhythmic clavichords.

You will unleash vast FM landscapes in mere seconds, thanks to the dual-layer system seen only in the most expensive FM keyboards - the Yamaha DX1 and DX5 - giving your music a big, full, lush studio sound!

In addition to a full set of effects, we've given chipsynth OPS7 a game-changing dynamic patch editing system, making FM patch creation easier than ever and removing any need for cumbersome algorithm diagrams. In extended mode, you can also use the other mathematical waveforms from the TX81Z, SY77 and OPL3 (not to be confused with AWM).

But perhaps you want to load-in one of the thousands of available original Yamaha DX series 6-op patch banks instead?

We've got you covered, with full Sysex bank file support and full hardware Sysex interfacing.

Chipsynth OPS7

In terms of emulation, Plogue goes all-in: by exactly matching the digitally captured output of the original EGS and OPS chips, we've recreated every nugget of sound from the original keyboard.

This includes exact envelope stepping patterns that vary note-to-note, every facet of the convoluted pitch calculation, and absolutely identical operator math for each algorithm down to the bit.

The analog side of the original keyboards and modules is also recreated with lavish attention to detail: you want the unique crunchiness of the original DAC?

We got it down to its insane compander and the full analog filtering section.

Guaranteed 100% free of any samples!


Compatibilité système

OPS7 can run either as:
Windows (64-bit)
macOS (64-bit)
Version application
VST® Plug-In
VST2® Plug-In
Audio Units™ Plug-In
ProTools AAX® Plug-In


  • PC: Windows 7 (x64) ou mieux
  • macOS: 10.11 ou mieux
  • CPU (PC): Intel/AMD double coeur ou mieux
  • CPU (macOS): Intel ou Apple Silicon/M1 ou plus récent (natif)
  • RAM: 1GB ou mieux
  • Espace disque: 100MB
Ce plug-in supporte le format NKS de Native Instruments. Il est compatible avec Maschine et les claviers Kontrol S-Series.

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