How to retrieve a lost registration keycard?

Please fill in this form. We will answer as quickly as possible.

How to transfer a product license to someone else?

Please read the notes carefully and fill in this form.

How many computers am I authorized to register?

End users can buy a license key that will unlock the product for ANY NUMBER of their personal computers, laptops and workstations, Mac or PC. One key, no challenge/response web accesses or telephone calls for any of your stations. Please read the End User Software License Agreement of Bidule, chipsounds, chipcrusher or chipspeech for more details.

How to get support regarding an order or payment?

Payment questions are better answered by going through share*it/MyCommerce directly.

How to access your account on share*It/MyCommerce?

If you already had an account or created one when purchasing one of our products, you can access it here.